13 March 2007

A danger of digital dependence

So my laptop has died.
It was either an act of Annalivia, who was trying to fit the power source plug into other holes in the back of the computer, or Jesus, since I was literally just finishing typing a sentence that read something like, "I'm being called to better stewardship -- of myself, my resources, my children and my time."
I was not all that upset about it until Dennis came out and tried to fix it and we suddenly realized that all of our pictures from the last 18 months are on that computer and we have not backed them up.
So -- let this be a lesson unto you, cyber friends!! GO HOME AND BACK UP YOUR PHOTOS!!
We are taking the computer to a computer doctor today and I'm praying -- praying, praying, praying -- that even if the $800 laptop cannot be saved that they'll be able to take off the photos. Sermons and church stuff would be nice, too, but photos are all we care about right now.
If anyone else wants to pray that this will just end up to be a wake-up call rather than a rude awakening -- well, we'd appreciate it.


more cows than people said...

ooh... ouch. ouch. ouch. i had a scare with my laptop a few months back. and we've backed up more faithfully since then. thanks for the reminder though. i dropped you an e-mail. hope you can get it! thanks for the e-mail address.

~liz said...

april, this exact thing happened to us a year ago and i about had a heart attack when i realized that every photo of my second-born was on our laptop (also not backed-up), but his older brother's photos were happily stored away on cds. i had visions of him feeling like we didn't like him for lack of baby photos of him...any way, i'm married to a computer doctor, and he was able to retrieve everything on the desktop and the hard disk (disc?), so i'm praying you'll have the same happy ending.

Kalin said...

Hey duderton,

Thanks for keeping me up-to-date. I just got up from a nap a bit ago (my sleep schedule is, how do you say, le screwed up) and figured it was too late to call you back. I hadn't actually heard anything, so I'm glad you called.

Love you,