01 September 2009

September remember

Awhile ago, I read or heard of a woman who wrote down little things that happened every day on her calendar at home. It wasn't much -- just little sentences, but they were things that she wanted to remember.
It seemed like a good idea to me, but our calendar is a cheap desk calendar with pages that rip off. It's nothing I want to keep. So I thought I'd write things down here this month and see if it's a discipline I want to continue into private life.

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Silent said...

A (very) senior member of my congregation did this from the time she was about 12. Recently, she and her daughter went through all these daily calendars she kept, picking out passages and published a book. It's pretty amazing to think she kept it up for many many years--like 60 plus. I think she had to give it up relatively recently due to age, Parkinson's disease, etc.