03 September 2009

September remember #3

Last night, Daniel had about 25 books in bed with him. He had fallen asleep on top of a vintage Thomas book and a James Herriot compilation. I wonder if he dreams with an English accent?


We've been working on practicing cheerfulness instead of fussing and whining. I picked the kids up from my mom's today and Daniel got in the van, sat down and said, "I have a happy heart, Mommy!"


Annalivia and Daniel were playing with the couch cushions tonight. They were building mountains out of them and then rolling down them or jumping off the couch onto them. Then they were pretending to hide from imaginary predators behind them. At one point Annalivia said, "Oh no! Here comes a mean parent!"


The fridge is not cooling. I noticed that the milk wasn't really cool yesterday, but I think it was on the way to lukewarmness when I encountered it. We only realized there was a big problem after Emmeliese got sick on formula that had soured. We were up at 4 a.m. Dennis cleaned out the fridge at 5:30. Emmeliese had an icky day -- fussy and not sleeping well or regularly. Tonight Dennis thinks he fixed the fridge. Here's hoping!

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