09 September 2009

September remember #9

Every morning, the big kids come into my room and when Emmeliese wakes up, they want to "come see her". This means they want me to put her in the middle of the bed and let them kiss her and talk to her. If I don't put her in the middle of the bed, with plenty of room on either side, there is a constant accusation that the other one is "getting to look at Emmeliese more than me!"

Annalivia started Kids' Club tonight. It's a children's ministry program at the church we've been attending. She also started preschool at a different school than she attended last year because she gets to go in the morning. Since the preschool is part of a nursing home facility, the children visited the residents today. Annalivia was excited to tell me that she had been in the place where Grammy Adaline was before she died. Then we had a long conversation about dying and Jesus. The way her little spirit is so open and receptive right now is so amazing to me. I think I'm learning as much as she is.

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