12 September 2009

September remember #12

It seemed like a long day today. Dennis and I were both tired. Daniel and Annalivia foresook their naps, and bickered a lot, and Emmeliese was punky. When the big kids went to bed, they both went reluctantly while I was trying to get Emmeliese to sleep. Then they heard me laugh. Mayhem ensued. In their exhaustion, they somehow reasoned that while it was ok if Mommy was absent from bedtime routines due to rocking Emmeliese; if Mommy was absent and enjoying herself, well...that was quite another story. :)
Anyway, they were both calling for me and Annalivia was working herself up into quite a fit when Daniel began to cry, too. His volume began to approach her level (which is saying something) when I heard her yell with frustration, "Daniel! QUIT. YOUR. FUSSIN'!"
Apparently, there's only room for one dramatist at bedtime in our house and Annalivia staked out that territory long ago...

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Tonya said...

THAT is funnnnny!:):):)