11 September 2009

September remember #11

The barges on the Illinois River were flying flags at half-mast today and our streets in Eureka were lined with flags, courtesy of the Boy Scouts. It reminded me of those days immediately following Sept. 11, 2001. Remember how the flag looked completely new somehow?

Annalivia has taken to asking, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Mom?" or saying, "I think I'm thinking what you're thinking, Mommy." I don't think we've ever been thinking the same thing yet since she's usually thinking about flowers, princesses and/ or kittens.

The other day, we had pudding cups as a treat. (We had these because our grocery shopping ended right around lunch time and we were all tired and cranky.) I overheard Annalivia tell Daniel that in just a second, they could have their "frosting cups". Ick.

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~liz said...

i remember when it was weird to see planes in the sky again...after it was weird to see a plane-free sky for a few weeks following the 11th....