02 September 2009

September remember #2

Today was garbage day. The kids love to bring the garbage cans up from the curb because they have wheels on them. Daniel was so happy, bringing up that big garbage can that's bigger than he is! Annalivia brought her can and both lids, then took time to take each lid out of her can and then bang them into place on top of their respective cans.
Annalivia after closing Dennis' laptop: "Mommy, I shut Daddy's computer so it wouldn't dry out."

And Annalivia after I told her to look at a flock of geese flying into the sunset, "Do the geese LIVE in the sunset?"

1 comment:

Lucky Fresh said...

Love the thing about the geese living in the sunset!

I like the idea of this discipline too, though it makes more sense for someone with kids' growing memories to record. I'm just not sure it will seem as cool in months that don't rhyme with "remember." :)