06 September 2009

September remember #6

On our way to church this morning, Annalivia told me that if I kept driving on a certain road, I'd probably find her friend Charlotte's house. We'd know it was her house because it probably had a horse mailbox. Because Charlotte really likes horses.
This reminded me that Annalivia is convinced that Kylie, a girl who went to preschool with her last year, lives down the street from our new house. Why? A black cat lives there. And Kylie really loves cats.
When we got back from church, I went to put my shoes in the closet and found that Daniel (who stayed home from church) had piled about 40 books in there along with a bunch of clothes, toys, etc. I found out that was about 1/3 of what was originally in there. Dennis made him move most of it before we got home. I swear that kid is part squirrel.
Tonight Annalivia hid under a big towel after her bath well enough that her daddy couldn't find her. He wandered around calling her name until he heard giggling coming from the towel. He did the whole, "Where's Annalivia?" thing.
"It's just a talking towel!" she said. Then she showed herself with lots of laughing.
Then she told Daddy that she was going to do the same thing tomorrow night. "So it will be a surprise, eh?" he asked.
"Yeah!" she replied.
I came out to the music coordinators at the church we've been attending and told them I was a vocal performance major in the context of a larger conversation about singing with them. Since I went to college with the pastor and sang with him, I knew it would come out one way or another.
The reason I don't share this fact much is not because I don't like to sing, but because I don't like the way people apologize for their own musical abilities around me, even though it's not like I'm the world's greatest singer or anything. I think it's sort of like the way I feel around theory people. I can't count, really, but I can count enough to sing and participate in music groups most of the time. But put me with someone who really can count, or worse, sightread perfectly, or even well, and I feel like nervous-vomiting. Most people really can sing, but feel like they can't and then someone shows up who can and they feel all awkward. I don't like that. Especially in church. So if you're one of those people -- just sing -- sing proud. If the music performance majors are judging you, they aren't singing for the right reason anyway.

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