19 June 2007

Mr. Loudon Wainwright

I don't think I've gushed here about how much I like the voice, style, etc. of Loudon Wainwright. I found him when I was in seminary and the cool NPR station at the University of Kentucky (WUKY) converted to "adult rock" programming in the afternoon. It was basically like listening to a daily music sampler of somewhat obscure music. From them, I met Paul Kelly and The Kings of Leon and KT Tunstall and Mason Jennings and Badly Drawn Boy. They mixed this with Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan and the Beatles and Colin Hay and Marianne Faithfull and to this day, I try to listen to their afternoon programming via the web whenever the children are taking naps and I remember to do so. (For some reason this music doesn't seem to work with awake children for me.)
Anyway, I met Loudon there and loved his music. And tonight I heard a new song, "Daughter" on World Cafe and realized that I'd like to get his new album, however, it's written for the new movie Knocked Up and there's something about owning "music inspired by the film 'Knocked Up'" that bugs me. I know, I know. I pre-judge. I'm like that. But if someone else in the family wanted to get it and burn me a copy and just write the name of the album on the cd with a Sharpie -- that I'd be ok with.
And fyi, the voice of Rufus Wainwright (L's son) drives me nuts.


~liz said...

i was going to comment, "i've not heard enough of loudon's music to know if i like him...but i love rufus' work - LOVE him!" and then i got to the last sentence in your post. ha!

Jim and Amy Rennie said...

I LOVE Rufus as well! :) hehe

Jim and Amy Rennie said...

oh, and btw . . .I don't know if you knew how big of a BDB fan I am .. .but yeah, have been for a very long time, he's really my favorite contemporary artist, along with Regina Spektor. :)

Jim and Amy Rennie said...

Ok. Old post . . .but . . .I wanted to say that "Knocked Up" might not be so bad. I know the title sounds like it, but it's by Judd Apatow, who did Freaks and Geeks, which I love with all my heart. Then he also did "40 Year Old Virgin," which I was completely opposed to ever watching, but got roped into it w/my family once, and actually really enjoyed it.

April said...

I know, Amy. It's not that I think the movie would be bad. It's just the title that bugs me. Which is dumb since I've used the phrase in reference to being pregnant myself. But mainly for the ridiculous factor, you know?

FYI -- I was not a big fan of 40-Year Old Virgin, but I'm a huge fan of Steve Carell and Catherine Keener and I think I went into it with higher expectations than it deserved.

And I don't think I was being particularly snobby because there are some stupid movies that I really like a lot and watch over and over when there are no children around --Old School and Nacho Libre and Dodgeball and Zoolander amongst them. But I really like the joke of a movie to be about more than the title, you know?

If you see it, let me know what you think, ok?

And, btw, I didn't know you were a big fan of BDB either. :)

Jim and Amy Rennie said...

I didn't think you were being snobby. I felt the same way when I heard the title. :) And I love all those movies you mentioned, especially Nacho Libre. hehe