25 June 2007

And here I was going to get the corkscrew

On the night before surgery, my supportive sistah, Kali, has delivered these words of encouragement...

Hey Apey,

Just wanted to let you know I'll be thinking of you tomorrow when you get your robo arm attached. Maybe if you got one with a bottle cap opener attachment, Marissa would be more likely to come home and visit us after she gets married. Just something to keep in mind.

Love, Kalin


-M said...

Wow Kalin, that does sound good. Thanks for keeping me in mind. Ape - what is wrong with Kalin? Didn't we love her enough when she was little?

I love you both...and Lil also.

Kalin said...


You obviously didn't love me enough to keep me from drinking that sewing machine oil.

Oh snap!

Sarah said...

Hey girl!
Hope today's surgery went SO well and that they gave you the free Swiss Army upgrade on your bottle cap opener!