05 June 2007

First haircut

Daniel got his first haircut tonight. It was necessitated by the weird mohawk/ mullet combination he had cultivated over the last four months. It was giving his head an odd flattened look. And rather than wait for it to grow out, since I am one of God's most impatient creatures (second only, perhaps, to Annalivia) I decided it needed to be cut.

So Dennis got out the clippers and gave Daniel his first buzzcut. Which makes him look even more like a little Stewart. I should have cut off a lock and kept it for the scrapbook before we started knowing that eventually Dennis would see the wisdom of my suggestion to just cut it to its determined length all at once, but didn't. So though I was saddened by the sweet little pile of soft and dark baby hair and this milestone that indicates he's growing up, I did not do anything other than flush it down the toilet. And post this on the blog.


Jim and Amy Rennie said...

ohhhh . . .sweet baby boy. He looks so precious!

Mrs Wibbs said...

April: your little boy is adorable... What a cutie!! Thanks for commenting on my last WW, it was lovely to 'hear' from you :o)

Holly said...

AHHHHHH! What a cutie! :) (Hair and no hair. But the buzz worked well!)