06 June 2007

Backing up blogger

So I decided to answer my own question about backing up blogger and looked for info on how to do it. It seemed way too complicated, so I just did these things.

  1. Went under Settings to Formatting and changed the number of posts displayed to 500. This displayed all of the posts on the main page.
  2. Went to the Page settings in Explorer to View Source.
  3. Saved the Source in a Word Perfect file.
  4. Opened it in Word Perfect.
It's not a perfect representation of the blog, but certainly good enough that if it were lost, we would have a backup. It imported all the pictures, too. Hope it helps someone else, too!


QueenHeroical said...

Wow, your children are lovely and growing fast -- blog life passes quickly.

I just wanted to let you know about this very interesting website which will actually make a book of your blog - complete with photos and comments (I think).



Just in case that might aid in the backing up.

- Krina

April said...

Hurrah, Krina!! That is SO cool! Thank you!