21 June 2007

I'm addicted

And the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem.
I'm think I'm addicted to The Pioneer Woman. And her other blog, Pioneer Woman Cooks.
She is sort of who I want to be with half of my personality, especially if you could mix a little Vicar of Dibley in there too. The other half wants to be Ruth Bell Graham. That could be a fun party. And I suppose it explains a lot of about me.
Anyway. I have been enjoying her blog, and most of all, her photos. I'd highly recommend her photos to everyone and her blog to those who have a pretty evolved irreverent streak. Those who don't, I still love you. I just wouldn't invite you to this shindig.


Maria said...

wow, pioneer woman does rock. her food looks decadent.
so...like...i uh emailed you like a billion years ago and uh, like, are you *cough* going to email me back like uh ever?


April said...

Maria... I don't have anything from you!! Maybe it's in my spam catcher. Can you resend before Mon so I can write back before I get my hand hacked off?

Anonymous said...

Okay, this Pioneer Woman is FUNNY - and her food makes me drool. I don't have time to be addicted - but it's gonna be hard to resist, I can tell you that!!!