12 August 2007

Has it really come to this already?

Today Annalivia called me, "Mom."
Not Mommy.
Not Momma.
Three times.

*big sigh*:(


~liz said...

isn't it the weirdest transition? it's not like they're calling you by your first name, but the first time they drop the "y" in "mommy" is heart-wrenching and surprising all at once. oh, what will we face with each "growing up" transition our kids go through?!?!

Sarah said...

The first time my daughter called me "Mom," I felt like saying, "Oh, no! We don't say ugly words!"
A couple of months ago, though, she took my face in her hands to rub noses and said, "You'll ALWAYS be my favorite Mommy!" That made the bad/sad "Mom" word much easier!

A. Lin said...

At least she is not calling you "chickenhead" or "noodle dude" like my 4 year old calls me all the time.

April said...

Oh, my, thank you, friends. It's good to know that others find this a bit jarring, too! Now I know why my mother signs her notes to me, "Momma".

Jimmy said...

my friend kim just said on tuesday that her 2 yr old just did that too! and it really bugged her. they quickly got 'mamma' back into the verbage.