03 August 2007

Back from Bourne

After a week of caring for sick kids, Dennis and I escaped and went on a brief date to go see The Bourne Ultimatum. It was good to be with Dennis. And dang, that whole Bourne franchise is good! Matt Damon +Matt Damon running = Good movie formula.
It is pretty violent, though. For some reason, I can handle quite a bit of violence in spy/ espionage movies. But the previews just about did me in. Oh my goodness -- children being kidnapped, revenge killings, families threatened...on and on ad almost-nauseum. I'd highly recommend skipping the previews, if at all possible.

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A. Lin said...

Someone else blogged about the previews before this movie. http://journal.biblicalrecorder.org/br/ej/entry/gun_centric_movies

I'll wait for Netflix to send it to me in a few months. :)