15 August 2007


Yesterday, my children took long naps in the middle of the day. Daniel went to sleep about 1 and stayed asleep til 3:30. Annalivia went to bed about 1, to sleep about 2 and then also slept til 3:30.
It was a gift.
I wasn't, however, prepared for it since they have both been taking mini-naps lately. Consequently, I spent most of the time thinking that they were going to be awake at any moment.
Not so today. We got back from running errands about 1, so Daniel was asleep by 1:15. Annalivia was in bed shortly thereafter.
And I got some stuff done!
I wrapped up a present and made a card for friends. I switched a load of laundry for Dennis, the laundry-doer. I got a new swimsuit ordered so that I can go swimming at the Y with my family sometime soon. I called the doctor's office to get an update on when I might have bone ripped out of my hip and placed in my wrist -- no news. I cooked up a whole lotta chicken thighs in the pressure cooker for use tonight and beyond. And I cut up a bunch of squash, zucchini and green beans -- enough for two chicken pot pies -- one tonight and one to freeze. (It's seen here in its winter veg form, beautifully created with two crusts. We'll be using one crust and the seasonal veggies and I can guarantee it won't look as pretty).
As I was typing this, the little ones awakened. Daniel woke up happy, as is his way. Annalivia woke up upset and fragile, as is her way.
But I still got all this stuff done!
What a gift.


Jane-Anne said...

Hey, AP ~ do you have a recipe for that crust? I'm sure it is some whole wheat nutritiousness, right?

April said...

Yeah, I do, JA. I will post!