03 August 2007

And on a lighter note

Today is my dear Grampy's birthday. Gramps is OOOOOOLLLLLLLDDDDD!! (just kidding, Gramps -- he reads this blog.)

My grandfather is one of the most honorable, diligent, compassionate, intelligent, disciplined and clever men that there ever was. When I went to seminary, I met a woman who had lived in our hometown when Gramps was the president of the bank. She told me that he had given her a loan when no one else would and when she was desperate. She was so grateful. When I was on college and on a choir tour, a man came up to me and said asked if I was Gramps' granddaughter. He said, "Your grandfather taught me how to pray." Gramps was his Sunday School teacher and was the first one to teach that very successful man how to pray.

Gramps can be very serious in mind and purpose. But he can also be ridiculously silly which is one of the billions of reasons that his grandchildren adore him.

Every moment with my grandfather is a gift. As Gramps is wont to remind us occasionally, usually in jest -- he has a bad heart. Twenty-odd years ago, he had his first heart attack. Ten years ago, we were pretty sure his second bypass surgery would be his last. Three years ago, a brilliant doctor reconstructed part of his heart with surgical mesh and, I maintain, bailing wire and duct tape and chewing gum and whatever else he found around the operating room. A couple of weeks ago, Gramps was up here doing far too much and helping me out post-op.

What a gift he has been and is and continues to be! So, Gramps, happy, happy, happy birthday! The McStews sure are glad you're around and we love you!!


Jan said...

I love you posting about Gramps. Happy Birthday to him! He reminds me of my dad, who died five years ago, so I'm glad he's around for you and your kids! It is good to read about such a GOOD man.

Jim and Amy Rennie said...

I remember 10 years ago when you told me he only had a couple of months left on this earth . . .how can God's mercy and grace be doubted? He's still here, and we're so glad you've had this time with him. I'm so very happy, most of all, that he's gotten to know his great-grandchildren. What a blessing for all of you.

Jim and Amy Rennie said...

BTW, really cute picture . . .don't be offended, but which child is it? :) All the McClures kids look alike--I've got a GUESS who it is, but I don't want to say yet.

April said...

Thanks, you two. Amy, that's Annalivia.

Jim and Amy Rennie said...

Well, you know what . . .I thought it was, but I had this really strange feeling it could be you! hahaha I know your grandfather is much older in the picture, but I couldn't see his face, so I thought maybe he was younger . . .I know, stupid, but it shows how much like you your daughter looks! That totally could be you as a child.

April said...

Thanks, Amy. *I* think she looks like me, too. Dennis' family insists she's a spitting image of him. I think I'm winning now that her hair is getting longer!