03 August 2007

Friday Five: Songs for a sultry evening... in the 80's...in Britain...or New Jersey

It's been in the 90's and humid and icky here. These help.
  1. Beyond Belief -- Elvis Costello
  2. Your Latest Trick -- Dire Straits
  3. More Than This -- Roxy Music
  4. In Your Eyes -- Peter Gabriel
  5. Tunnel of Love -- Bruce Springsteen


Kalin said...

Hey, what was the name of that Robert Cray song I was asking about today?

Thanks dude.
Love, Kalin

April said...

It's Living Proof by Robert Cray.

Love you!

April said...

Not "It's Living Proof" but "Living Proof" FYI

revabi said...

Well you do choose great songs. I like them.

Amalee Issa said...

I love that song by Peter Gabriel, and I've even climbed Solisbury Hill - it's a monster! Great choices April