14 January 2009

Snow/ pajama/ crochet day

Last night, Eureka got 5 inches of snow. It's only 15 degrees (headed towards a high of 1 degree tomorrow) right now and the wind is blowing. Hence, the school district declared a snow day, which meant Annalivia's preschool followed suit. Which means -- we had no place to go today!

I had been lamenting last night to Dennis that we had to get out of the house every day this week. I'm generally ok with that, but this week has been snowy and cold, cold, cold. I wasn't looking forward to having to bundle everyone up and warm up the car, just to drive a couple of blocks and then return to take off dripping wraps to let them dry for a couple of hours before we did the whole thing again.

But today, we get a reprieve! I went back to sleep for a bit this morning, we had leftover potatoes fried with an egg for breakfast, we're all still in pajamas, and my big plan is to work in afternoon naps for all of us. In the meantime, I'm streaming some of my favorite radio programs and working on finishing a crochet project before starting another one -- or four. :)

Here's to snow days!


Deborah said...

That sounds so nice! It's snowing here in Chicago, too, but preschool wasn't canceled. I took my little guy, and came right back home. Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 2 degrees (can you believe it?).

~liz said...

isn't working with yarn in the winter the BEST!??? :)

Sarah S-D said...

sounds divine!

April said...

It WAS lovely, as you can tell from my plethora of posts. I'm hoping for another snow day tomorrow, though we've already cancelled plans to go out. It's supposed to be a high of -1 now!

And, Liz, I never put together the seasonal aspect of yarning, but you're right -- it's wonderful. A great way to nest.

~liz said...

WOW - did you really just start crocheting this year? your work is gorgeous - those buttons, and that bunting? LOVELY!

Mary Grabowski said...

what do you crochet when the coolest it gets is 50 degrees F? no more baskets please lol