25 January 2009

Flock o' seagulls robins

Yesterday we were out and about and drove by a golf course that has lots of small trees with red berries. I don't know what kind of trees these are, but underneath the trees were, and I swear to you I am not exaggerating -- hundreds of robins! There were robins everywhere! In the branches, on the ground, in the air... And tree after tree had just tons of robins under it. And, though it snowed a couple of inches last night, they were there again today. And yes, Kali, I'm sure they were robins and not small cats. Dennis confirmed it.
Around here in this part of the midwest, it's usually sort of a harbinger of spring to see a robin flitting about. I'm not sure what it means when one sees hundreds!
Anyone else ever seen a flock of robins?

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Krista said...

in our neighborhood, it is not uncommon to see many many MANY robins together! it always freaks me out a bit because i never saw that before we moved here. in fact, just a few weeks ago when we had a couple of warmer days, i looked out and saw what had to be more than a hundred of them bopping around on our neighbor's yard!