01 January 2009

Looking back, looking forward

Looking back at 2008...
Dennis went to Russia
The kids and I survived Dennis going to Russia
Dennis interviewed for, was offered, and accepted a new job
We settled the insurance claim on our 2006 auto accident
We paid off our debts
We found out we were expecting another baby
Dennis left his employer of 12 years
I left the church I served for 7 years
We moved back to Eureka
Annalivia started preschool
Dennis finished grad school and received his MBA

Looking forward to 2009...
Daniel will turn 2
Annalivia will turn 4
Dennis will turn 40!
We will say hello to Emmeliese
It is very possible we will say goodbye to at least one dearly beloved one

Looking back, looking forward... our lives are so full of God's goodness. Mine is a beautiful life, replete with joys, complete with sorrows. I pray I treasure every moment of it.

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musicmommy3 said...

Hey April! Just popping in to see how your life is going. :) Hope that you have a wonderful year! Blessings!- Angela :)