16 January 2009

The obsession continues: More crochet

We have yet another snow day here and this time, since the temperature is headed above zero later in the day, we are busting out. We're going to go see Grammy and then have lunch with Gramps. The kids are thrilled.

I'm taking my recent crochet projects to show Grammy. She was the one who taught me to crochet first, though it didn't really stick. It's still neat to be able to show her some things I've made and let her examine them.

I mostly finished this little dress for Emmeliese last night -- I still need to put on some buttons. I made it from this pattern, but decided to do the skirt in triple crochet and then went back and improvised some sleeves. For the sleeves, I just worked even for two rows, then began decreasing a stitch on each side of the armpit gusset for nine rows, then worked even for another row. And I put on a button placket in the putty color, mainly because I ran out of my ivory, but I think it works.

I think the dress may be a tad big, but I figured I could rip out part of the sleeves and make it short sleeved, if necessary. The yarn is this wonderful Sirdar Snuggly BabyBamboo in 80% Bamboo and 20% wool. It is soooo great to work with and I think my local yarn store is discontinuing it! :( I'll have to find an alternate souce.
I don't know why the cream and pink and tan/taupe/putty palette is so appealing to me, but it is. Emmeliese's entire wardrobe might be in these colors. It seems to be all I'm drawn to buying.
I think next I'm going to make a bonnet out of the pink I used in this dress and the bunting, and then maybe some footed pants out of my last skein of ivory bamboo. Then I probably should move on. Though, clearly, I could spend a lot of time in this category of crochet projects!

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Tonya said...

Oh my word! That is Gorgeous! You could sell that kind of thing if you wanted to. I need to get my hook out. You've inspired me!