26 February 2008

On the less festive side of things...

Daniel has pneumonia. Right now, I think he's doing ok. He got an antibiotic shot yesterday and he's getting breathing treatments through a nebulizer and oral steroids and antibiotic. We go back tomorrow to see if he is better.

This illness came on SO quickly!! He had a runny nose on Saturday morning and then yesterday, I could tell he wasn't breathing right and we got him in to see the doctor. In the meantime, he had all of the typical cold treatment -- warm bath, Vicks on a kleenex in his pajamas, a steamy bedroom with the help of the vaporiser. But the pneumonia set in, anyway. And he also has two ear infections. Poor kiddo.

While we were at the doc yesterday, I had them check Annalivia out. She has one ear infection. I'm hoping that explains away some of her recent squirrliness.

All of the above meant that Annalivia had a very pre-fab birthday dinner yesterday. We stopped at Kroger and got a rotisserie chicken, bread and some frozen veggie mixes as well as a Pepperidge Farm cake and some strawberries. It was so nice to have dinner mostly made. Dennis' mom came by and we were actually able to have a pretty nice celebration despite a very hectic and trying day of a sick, fussy little guy, office visits and lab work and delayed prescriptions and sleet and snow.

Today, we are staying in. I've got the chicken from last night in a pot on the stove and we're having chicken noodle soup tonight. It smells wonderful and warm in here. Daniel and I are still in pajamas. Annalivia is in ballet gear. Again.

It's a good day.


more cows than people said...

oh... poor baby. glad you felt it was a good day. i can't imagine how scary it must be to have such a sick kid and to have to adequately celebrate the life of another kid at the same time. bless you, dear one.

Andrea said...

Poor Daniel. Kurt told me he had pneumonia Monday so we've been adding him to our prayers, as long as your family. Landen still is sick 102.?? temp all night. He seems better this morning, but yikes. I HATE when kids are sick. I can't imagine a mother with a terminally ill child, I think I'd have a break down.
Thanks for the prayers.
PS. Sorry we couldn't talk more Friday, I'm not cut out to be a waitress and that tray was going down fast. LOL!!!

Andrea said...


We're doing better, unless you count how CRABBY Landen is. That's enough to make you scream. ha ha! I'm pretty sure it was those last two molars coming in.
How are you guys doing?