19 February 2008

Brrrr.... (a recap)


You know what? I'm done. I've completely had it with winter!! I'm tired of cold, tired of snow, tired of coats and sniffles and being inside. WAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

Ok. I feel better.

So today, on this extremely cold day, we are headed to the office for a while. I don't have much to do there, because I already have a sermon and bulletin done, because... we got to cancel church on Sunday. (And we aren't die-hard lectionary-followers). So, hurrah for being prepared a whole week ahead!

Our decision to cancel was a late call. But when I got to church and slipped and slid my way across the rain-soaked packed-down snow on the sidewalk and parking area wearing my largely slip-proof Keens, the board chair and I agreed it was silly to ask a congregation of older ladies to imperil themselves for church. So, we cancelled.

Dennis needed to work on a presentation for class so I took the kiddos to the Disciples church across the river. And -- oh. my. word. My husband is a saint. It was literally the second time I have sat in worship alone with both of the kids -- the first time being when Daniel was 3 weeks old. I was totally flummoxed. We must have entered and exited the church 5 times to deal with Daniel's fussiness. We ended up in the nursery where we stayed for the ENTIRE service until we came back to collect our stuff and apologize profusely to the people sitting around us. Somehow Dennis is able to keep the kids in the sanctuary for the whole service at least 75% of the Sundays they come to church. I'm going to figure out how he does it, though probably not for a while.

Sunday afternoon I had rehearsal for my Canterbury Singers. I wasn't able to stay and sing Evensong this week, but will next week and I'm looking forward to that. It's a neat group and they sing just REALLY good stuff.

Yesterday we stayed inside and in pajamas all day. It was lovely. I baked -- some things more successfully than others. We had bland cauliflower soup for dinner while Dennis was at class and Annalivia did not want to eat it. About two hours later, she decided that she'd eat it so she could have a piece of chocolate. She kept asking for crackers in it; it really was not very good. But when Dennis got home, he liked it. So.

And now to get on with this day. This freezing, frigid, wind-chilled day.



Andrea said...

I'm right there with ya on winter. Will it ever be over?????

~liz said...

ooooh, did you make it into the canterbury choir? did you post that news (i'm sorry if i missed it). will you have a cd out? i'd love to hear it someday. i love sacred music choirs. i only get to listen to it on our 20 minute drive to church sunday mornings.
and i hear you on the keeping the kids quiet during church in the pew thing. we have church saturday nights as well where kenny plays and sometimes preaches (it's a lay-person-led service, with no eucharist), so when it's me with the boys in the pew? i'm frazzeled and ready to run screaming by the end of the 40 minute service.
and i'm also with you on winter. argh!

more cows than people said...

people here are saying they're done with winter too, but... we are SO FAR from done with winter. it makes me wonder where they think they're living. i am so done with rain one day, snow the next- ice sucks.

lucky you for being a week ahead, and a day in pjs and baking... all sounds glorious.

sghughes1297 said...

AAACK!!! My comment disappeared! Or never appeared! Or something!!!!! Let's try again:

You know, you should just pack up all your lovebugs and come on down for a visit. We're vacillating between 65 and 47 (yes, those two; not random places in the middle, just those two), so you can leave your long johns and come eat barbecue with us. :)
And PROPS to Dennis for being spot on with the littles in church! That is fabulous!!! Mine are older and I still shiver when they both come with us to worship service.
And CONGRATS on the new choir!!! I wondered if you were officially singing with them! That is SO COOL! You'll have to post some mp3s!