01 February 2008

The Brit at our house

To start with -- those who don't know us should know that we are non-descript speakers around here. We don't sound like Chicagoans. We don't sound like Wisconsin-ites and we certainly don't sound like Southerners or Bostontonians. No one in this house has an accent of any sort except the indistinguishable midwestern kind.
Except for Annalivia when she uses the phrase, "I can't!" Which she pronounces, "I cahn-t"
We usually reply, "Yes. You cahn."
"But I cahnt," she says. "I cahnt."
Crazy child.


Amalee Issa said...

Good girl, Annalivia, one more of us; one less of them...
Now we need to get you spelling like a Brit; colour, flavour, honour; centre, metre, theatre.
April, this girl is being brought up properly!


Dusty said...

Until a year or so ago Lily pronounced all 'or' sounding words (as in more or door) an an 'air'. For instance, she might say, "The dog went through the 'dair' and sat on the 'flair'" or "I'd like some 'mair' please"...we thought she must be channeling some long lost irish or scottish line somewhere! What was even funnier was when we imitated her she would crack up and correct us saying, "Oh Mama! It's not a dair, it's a dair!" Kids!

Anonymous said...

you will know your plain-speak is done for when she says "i bloody well canh't!"

Susie/Nueva Cantora said...

Hee hee... this made me think of the scene in Singin In the Rain, when the silent film star is trying to say "And I can't stand him" without being so nasal... maybe Annalivia is just heading off a future vocal coach :)