14 February 2008

Last minute pressies

So, let's suppose you are the kind of person who had Valentine's Day covered back in January. If you are that sort of person, this post is not for you.
(And if you are family from central Illinois, why don't you come back sometime this afternoon and read this? No reason...)

If, on the other hand, you are scrambling about trying to figure out what you or your children can make in the next two hours for someone, here are some ideas...

Annalivia and I made these very simple bookmarks tonight. I cut the pieces out with pinking shears and applied the glue. She applied the ribbons and heart.

These are some hair decorations for my niece. She loves rainbows and hearts and pink and anything sparkly and girly. The idea came from Family Fun magazine. It was SUPER easy!

This is another hair thingy for my niece. It is an elastic band that I covered in a small grosgrain ribbon that we got at Hobby Lobby for 14 cents the other day. To make, you just cut a length of ribbon and fold it in half to make a loop. Place the loop against the elastic, then pull both ends of the ribbon through the loop. Tighten the loop against the elastic. Repeat until elastic is covered (and try not to stretch the elastic too much).

Here is final product.

These can be made in lots of different colors. I find that the sheer skinny ribbons work best. The grosgrain will tend to undo its loop and the thicker sheer ribbons need to be cut longer to work well and look nice in the hair.

And if you have just a bit more time to play around -- back to the pinking shear hearts -- if you have a lot of costume jewelry lying about, a couple of hearts can be fixed together with a pin. You may need to add a self-adhesive pin on the back. Annalivia was glad to help with that part, too.

If you have any ideas for last minute (or well-planned) celebrations, feel free to share them here!

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Donna Boucher said...

What adorable crafts! I like them all :o)

I think we will make some of those :o)