21 February 2008

Fun Mom

I'm making a concerted effort to spend some time just having fun with Annalivia each day, especially at this age when she gets SO much correction. Yesterday, we had a tea party while Daniel was napping. Today we made newspaper hats (just like Kipper!). More fun to come...


more cows than people said...

wow. you ARE a fun mom. good for you.

April said...

Really -- I'm not. At all. I'm generally mean-mom, which is why I have to be better at being fun-mom. Don't give me too much credit.

Donna Boucher said...

That is such a good idea!!!
It's easy to be all focused on the corrections and forget to have fun!!!

Have fun :o)

Andrea said...

That's great April. It's hard to be fun mom... I feel like crabby mom a lot. Ha ha... I blame it on winter.
And your so true -- at Annalivia's age and Landen's, they do get a lot of correction, so I try to do a lot of praising. I can't remember the exact saying, but it takes like ten nice things to correct one negative thing for a child (anyone in that matter). Not that correcting is negative, but when your me and I yell "STOP IT" I need to do those nice things.
I LOVED tea party's when I was younger. Play on!!!!!!!!!!

musicmommy3 said...

You are a great mom! Really. I'm not just puffing you up.
You see needs and you address them.
You care about your kiddos.
You LOVE your little ones.
You are working on being fun...what more could a kid ask for?
Way to go mom!!

Jan said...

What a good idea. You are a smart woman.