08 February 2007

More Daniel pics

If anyone would like to see some more Daniel pics, head over to http://mcstewsnews.blogspot.com/

edited to add: We're just going to post them here, too, so no need to travel!

A few rare awake moments

Daniel Robert with Grandpa Robert

Annalivia checks him out from a safe distance

Daniel's very helpful big sister reacting to his crying with, "shhhh..."

As we took these last three photos, Annalivia talked to Daniel and told him about the bed and the blanket, his pacifier, stars, Momma and Dadda and a bunch of stuff we didn't understand. It was pretty sweet to hear.


mountainash said...

Awww, I love the pictures of your two babies together. How sweet! Congratulations.

~liz said...

LOVE the sister and brother photos - just so precious! (and the caption of their conversation!)

Jim and Amy Rennie said...

We loved the pictures, especially the ones with Annalivia. How sweet to finally see your baby boy, healthy and perfect! :) Love to you all!

molly said...