23 February 2007

Parenting lessons

Annalivia is fussy today. So is Daniel. Well, for that matter, so am I. But of all of us, Annalivia is definitely the most fussy. She just seems to have no resilience today. Every thing that is off or wrong or inconvenient or delayed seems to shatter her little world.
Before baby #2, I'd think she had an ear infection. Now, I don't know. She is fever-less and has endured a lot of change in the last two weeks. And she's turning two in two days. My instinct is that she's just fussy. Which I understand, because, as I said, I'm fussy, too.
But that doesn't make it any easier to figure out. I'm trying to give her lots of love and plenty of advance warning and lenience on the things that don't matter in the grand scheme of things.
And for this moment, it seems to be working. Right now, she's taking care of her baby doll, lying on the couch with it and kissing it and patting its back. And "shhh"ing very lovingly when she pretends that it is crying.
It's a good thing that she knows how to take care of her doll's fussiness. I should probably take notes.

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