16 February 2007

Friday Five: Tourist edition

I feel a bit like I've been under house arrest since Daniel was born and it's been so bloody cold and the snow is endless, so, enough with the whining; I'm playing this Friday Five.

1. What is one place you make sure to take out-of-town guests when they visit?
I try to take them out-of-town, I suppose. Industrial northwestern Illinois is not exactly a tourist attraction.

2. When visiting another city or town, do you try to cram as much in as possible, or take it slow and easy?
I am definitely a try-to-cram-it-all-in type. Then I always want to go back and really explore a place.

3. When traveling, where are we most likely to find you: strolling through a museum, checking out the local shopping, or _________________?
Trying to be a hip local, if possible. One of my favorite things to do is to go to a cafe and order the local treat (i.e. beignets is New Orleans, brioche in Salzburg) and watch people. People watching and treat-eating are great ways to experience a place.

4. Do you like organized tours and/or carefully planned itineraries, or would you rather strike out and just see what happens?
I'd much rather strike out, but do like to do my research. We have many copies of well-worn Frommer's guides here, though I've not been to most of the places detailed therein.

5. After an extended trip, what do you find yourself craving most about home?

My bed, and though this sounds weird, my bathroom. I really like not having to pull everything out of a suitcase to get ready in the morning.


revabi said...

Ah the new born house arrest feeling. The snow and weather doesn't help either I bet.

Jim and Amy Rennie said...

Off the subject . . .but I just finally checked my messages and got yours about finding out whether or not our baby has "a wang," as you so succinctly put it. Well, I should find out on Wednesday for sure, so I will let you know! :)

hipastorzwife2B said...

Been a while since I visited...CONGRATS!

Psalmist said...

Still praying for you all, April. Hoping all is awesomely well for your lovely family.

Since you have *nothing* else to do but blog (NOT), I decided to tag you for the alphabet meme. Here's a link: http://psaltery.blogspot.com/2007/02/alphabet-questions-meme.html Please don't feel obligated; just thought it might be fun if you get a few minutes sometime (maybe by the year 2014?)

Peace to all!