28 January 2007

The weekend in review

We've had a good weekend here. Yesterday we got the baby's room all cleaned out and mostly ready to be inhabited. Now there are just finishing touches left to do. Dennis' mom, Alice, is making bumper pads and curtains and we have a couple little hooks to hang up. Oh, and the glider we ordered from Walmart has to get here and be assembled, but then the room is ready to go. I'm excited to post pictures when we get it done.
We also did lots of organizing and tossing of our junk yesterday. That was good. We got lots of stuff that had just been irritating the heck out of me completely resolved. I am SO grateful for my patient, patient, patient husband! No one else could possibly love me enough to put up with me when pregnant, tired, and wanting things done NOW but with no real ability to do myself what I want to have done. If you read this, sweetheart -- thank you. I love you. He's just so incredibly good to me.
And so is his mother. This last week, she ended up watching Annalivia every day but one, so we had her over last night for dinner as a thank you. We had stuffed chicken breasts, garlic bread and salad and I made lemon bars, since I know she loves them. We ate plenty of them, too, and dinner was SO good!!
Today has been a strange day. It is one of those days that seems to be going on forever, on one hand, and on the other, has just flown by. The day started with a phone call from my pianist at church who is sick. That meant that we were either going to have old-fashioned church where we all sing a capella or we were going to have to dig out a cd of service music I had prepared sometime in the past with hymns provided by the Methodist hymnal on cd. Since this congregation does not sing, we opted for the latter.
Annalivia escaped her father in the first minute and a half of church and came up to visit Mommy on the chancel. After that, she was whisked away to Mommy's office and not seen til the end of church. Church went well until right before communion when Dennis came in and handed me a note that one of our dear church members passed away during the night. It was shocking to many of us, though he was near 90. I was grateful for the chance to pray with the congregation about our loss before church ended.
After church, Dennis and I were just kind of discombobulated and didn't seem to be able to use our brains in conjunction with our bodies. Or something like that. After ending up at three different eating establishments trying to get lunch, we finally went for a long drive and let Annalivia sleep while we ate carryout pizza. That was really very nice. It was also the first time I've been up in Oregon, IL, where Dennis works, since we had our accident. For some reason, that stuff is significant now when it wasn't before. It was nice to get over that mental hurdle.
When we got home, I got bitten by a reorganizing bug and ended up changing around some furniture in the bedrooms. Again, I would refer everyone to the paragraph referencing Dennis' patience. We moved lots of stuff around in Annalivia's room and in our room and Dennis and his brother hauled away some of it for temporary storage out at his country house. Now I feel like the baby can arrive any moment and we'll be ok. And since I had lots of contractions while moving everything around, I'm glad I feel that way!
And tonight, we had beef and noodles for dinner which was great in this incredibly cold and frigid weather and we watched some of a really interesting program on rhinoceroses on PBS tonight while also reading for the millionth time the book A Baby on the Way to Annalivia. Then after her bath tonight, our big girl went to sleep for the first time in her toddler bed. I keep checking on her to make sure she hasn't fallen out. So far, she's doing fine.
So. That was our weekend. It was good. A little weird but good. And it went far too fast. Hope everyone out there is staying warm and enjoying time with loved ones!

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dawn c said...

Now, April, my dear (grinning) at MY house, my family would know that if I got bit by a "reorganizing bug" that the baby's arrival was IMMINENT!

I keep praying for your labor and checking in daily to see if the newest Duke of Wombleshire has arrived yet. :)