26 January 2007

My day of rest

Today I have nothing to do.

Well, actually, that's untrue. There's a lot I should do, so I'll rephrase. Today, I'm going to do very little.

It's the first day all week when I don't have to be somewhere, namely a doctor's office. It's also the first time all week that I don't have to drive to Dixon. I'm going to try to avoid just showing up there accidentally.

My official plan for the day involves arising with my daughter, getting her milk and breakfast, taking my insulin, using the facilities, laying down on the couch in my bathrobe and dozing while PBS entertains The Bug for a little while. In that order.

After that, I may do some work on bulletins for maternity leave and a newsletter. Or I might not. I might try to put in a load of wash or two. Or make some cookies and cookie dough to freeze. Or get to the store. Or I might not.

I might just watch Annalivia play then take a nap with her and then watch her play some more. I've missed her this week and today there are no outside demands on this momma. I'm thankful for that and now going back to bed to enjoy the first part of the day in the restless sleep of the late third trimester. If you call, please forgive me if I don't answer. It's officially my day of rest.


A. Lin said...

Enjoy your day of rest.

dawn c said...

I think that sounds like a WONDERFULLY PERFECT plan!! Rest well, my dear.