05 January 2007

Really funny television

Tonight I had one of those great experiences that seem to occur incredibly rarely -- I saw something absolutely hysterical on a television show. Dennis and I were watching Arrested Development on dvd. We are now on season 2 and there was a moment in the episode titled, "Meat the Veals" when Dennis and I both started laughing so hard that we cried. We had to stop the dvd so we could laugh and then replay it 10 times before we moved on. I'm smiling just thinking about it.
Obviously, I'm not going to describe it because it would lose most everything in translation, but isn't it nice to experience absolute hilarity in a place you don't usually experience it? I am usually mildly amused, at best, by tv shows. I would say there are some that are highly amusing. But raucously hilarious is rare. Very, very rare.
Edited to add: I should mention -- Arrested Development would probably be in very poor taste to some. I think it's brilliant. But, then, I'm very weird.


Jim and Amy Rennie said...

I love Arrested Development. :)

elizabethanne said...

I'm also a fan of the show! I'm eager to see that episode now! :)

geoff said...

April- great to see you the other night. I might have to break down and buy Arrested Development. I enjoyed the shows I have seen and what you describe makes me want to rush out to Wal Mart so I can see more. While Arrested Development is side splitting funny, The Office might be the best show in years.


April said...

Yeah, Rennies, I figured you'd like it.
ElizabethAnne, so good to see you!! Thanks for stopping by again!
Geoff, it was good to see you, too! And you're right about the Office. I think Arrested Development would still be on the air had it not been on Fox three years ago. The Office has paved the way where AD couldn't. If you buy AD, check out the deals on eBay. I got a pretty good deal. Hopefully, we'll see you around more often?

geoff said...

April- I will have to check out ebay to find that box set. Do you watch West Wing? I have the entire series on DVD but 5 of the 7 are on loan. People who never watched it are now discovering The West Wing. While it is good drama- the humor is just as good in my opinion.

A short answer to your question: I sure hope so. Your sister is amazing.