21 January 2007

Superbowl Shuffle

Yeah, it's a stupid title. But I'm just saying -- my guess is that if there's not a re-record, we'll hear a lot of the original in the next two weeks.
Anyway -- THE BEARS HAVE WON!! How much fun is that?


Amy said...

I hope they do re-record it, I was just saying that today! :) Can you believe that was 22 years ago?? Dang. Anyway, the cerclage is Thursday. So . . .yeah. Pray for us!

I've tried to leave this comment like 10 times, and it's not working, so if it comes through that many, I'm sorry. :)

April said...

I remember very clearly the boys in my classroom being complete dorks about it and getting into fights about who got to be Refrigerator Perry on the playground. It WAS a long time ago. Dang, we're old.
Anyway -- praying for you this week. Keep us updated, ok?

Amy said...

I will . . .and I used to participate with the boys in chanting the "Shuffle." :)

elizabethanne said...

last year, our steelers were in the superbowl and it was a lot of fun! but it was also nerve-wracking. i just wrote about that this morning. :) (we're rooting for the bears over here in PA!)