01 January 2007

Five random things I've realized

In no particular order or relevance...
1. Funeral preferences tend to vary regionally
2. Most of the people around here whose families want their funeral service to be in the church are generally of two ilks: more rarely, the incredibly devout and devoted who have been instrumental to the life and work of the church; and more popularly, those who have not darkened the door of the church in the last 20 years or their entire lives
3. I have not actually worn my winter coat more than an hour this winter (i.e. since Dec. 21)
4. There are still people who believe that there is no such thing as global climate change
5. My last haircut was really terrible

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It is the official position of the United States Government that global warming does not exist. It is merely a propaganda tool used by the liberal media to blackball Republican politicians

-D. Cheney