09 January 2007

the JC password

So apparently our Lord, Jesus Christ, was sometimes a little confusing.
Who knew?
I'm enjoying reading Brian McLaren's The Secret Message of Jesus. It's provocative, but a quick read, which is exactly what I need for my gestational-hormone-addled brain. I'm taking it with me to doctor's appointments and am zipping through.
Anyone else read it? I'm interested to hear others' thoughts on it. I've not read any other McLaren, but was reading on some conservative blogs that he's "asking the right questions, but not coming up with the right conclusions" or something like that. And on some liberal blogs, he and Jesus apparently go to parties together, they're so tight.
The young female clergy who have agreed to participate in a blog initiated by a RevGal are discussing it later this month, probably right around the time I give birth. Although I'm interested to hear that discussion, we are all from the same liberal, mainline traditions. It would be nice to hear some other voices weighing in.
I'll keep y'all updated.


geoff said...



Here are a few examples of McLaren getting thrown under the bus from folks who are not mainline.


juniper68 said...

hey there - just found your blog thru the revgals. rock on, young clergy women? (I spose at 38 I'm too old for THAT party, but sounds like fun...)

April said...

Juniper -- I think it probably sounds more exciting than it is...

Geoff -- thanks for those links! I've also been reading some conservative folks who agree with McLaren more than disagree. Of course, I can cite no example now when I should. I'll try to get back with them.