17 August 2006

Some crazy videos

Wanna hear possibly the most catchy, and hence, annoying!! song in the world. Click here.
*muttering* stupid song was going through my head literally EVERYTIME I woke up last night... hmph.

Wanna see some folks who are more coordinated that I could ever dream? Click here.


Jim and Amy Rennie said...

I always find stuff on youtube! However . . .how the heck did you know about this song??? hahaha

Jim and Amy Rennie said...

Also, that treadmill thing is freaking cool. I wish I could do that in the olympics. And I'm serious.

Jim and Amy Rennie said...

and one more thing, off subject--do you know Louis Theroux at all? I love him. Well, his documentaries anyway.

April said...

I know some crazy people, friend. Some crazy people... And no, don't know Louis Theroux, I don't think. Is he related to Justin? ;)

Jim and Amy Rennie said...

Yes, he's Justin's British cousin, and he does something called "Louis Theroux's Wierd Weekends" where he meets with fringe groups (like wrestlers or rappers or porn stars) and shows their lives, etc. They are AWESOME shows. You should get them, seriously. You can buy them on Amazon. There are 2 discs that have 2 seasons on each, or you can buy all 4 seasons. We would let you borrow ours, but they are British discs and need a special tv and dvd player.

ALSO--check this out, seriously!


Wait for the second guy (not the first one) . . .the one in orange named David.


Jim and Amy Rennie said...

Isn't that guy like a real life Napoleon Dynamite? I wonder if he was the inspiration for that scene?

Also--Louis Theroux's dad is Marcel Theroux, and author. They're a really famous family. Louis looks a lot like Justin, but way less "cool," more geeky, but way cuter and more charming. :)

Crystal said...

hehehehehe I love both of these videos so much! Sorry I got that song stuck in your head!! *evil grin* And hey I'm not crazy I'm genius sometimes people get the two confused!!!


April said...

It's an evil genius then, cw! ;)

Dawn C said...

APRIL!! TOOOOOO FUN!! I could watch the treadmill thing all day. It's just SO cool. Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to show Jeff. I'm sure he'll be in to comment. He's such a music geek. (??And we're together? Totally a God-thing!) :)