15 August 2006

As parsonages go...

ours is really quite nice. We live about a mile from the church in a different neighborhood in town and we really do have a lovely backyard complete with two apple trees (though one got split by the last big storm). My mother brought the first improvement after I moved in-- she put in flowers the first spring I was here and bulbs that first autumn. The summer after our first anniversary, my beloved husband built a lovely deck onto the existing cement slab that has made all the difference to our enjoyment of the space. We've added inexpensive patio furniture and a grill over the years (and a whole bunch of weeds in mom's garden, sadly).
Here's the view from our deck.
Today was beautiful and Annalivia and I spent the afternoon in the backyard. Dennis brought in a slide from his mom's house in the country. At first, Annalivia was befuddled by it, but she figured it out and spent almost an hour sliding down and clapping, then running around to slide down again. This photo is of a very pleased little girl.
With the wonders of wireless broadband, I spent the time on my laptop working on church planning.
This weather is such an incredible blessing! Is anyone else just wanting to loll about soaking up every moment of it?


tonia said...

"Annalivia"...is there a more beautiful name than that? Just gorgeous.

I am peeking around here and enjoying your site. You really have a sweet spirit...

When I was a child we lived in an old yellow parsonage...I have such memories of that house. My father was not a minister, but the church had the housing and we were in need.

Just seeing the word "parsonage" took me back to some wonderful times. Thanks. :)

April said...

Thanks, Tonia, for visiting! Your site is so GORGEOUS. It's like taking a vacation!!