21 August 2006

One of the million reasons I love my husband

Last weekend the three of us went for a little drive on Sunday evening. My husband works for Woods Equipment Company and designs and engineers industrial cutters (read "big lawn mowers" for fellow laypeople.) He is also, essentially, a farm boy with a love of tractors and combines and planters and all sorts of things with names I don't really understand.
All of this means that whenever we go someplace where there is an implement dealer, we take a detour through their lots. We drive around and Dennis says things like, "Oh, they've got a Kabutosan R2D2C3PO!" And I nod.
One of our local implement dealers just happens to be next door to the local Super Walmart, so when we go out there Dennis asks, "Mind if I drive through Peabudy's?" So we do. This particular day, we went through Peabudy's and suddenly Dennis stopped the car. They happened to have a competitor's version of something that he is working on and so he jumped out and started fiddling with things on this massive cutter, then came back and asked for a piece of paper and wrote down a bunch of chicken scratches that meant nothing to me.
The whole time I watched him and my heart was just so full of love for him. I love that Dennis knows how to do stuff that I just completely and totally don't understand. I really wish I did because the poor man is never able to talk about his work or his interests with me. I can try to understand, but even if I went to school for a hundred years, I wouldn't be able to comprehend what he can comprehend. He sees the world differently than I do. He sees cause and effect, pieces and parts that fit together to make a whole. And because of that he can understand literally everything.
He's also able to do everything. There's nothing I do that he can't do. Well, except childbearing and breastfeeding, but only because he's not anatomically equipped. Otherwise, I'm sure he'd do a fine job. He doesn't cook, but he could and does when he has instructions to follow and then he does it far better than I. He doesn't like to write, but he certainly could. He could preach every Sunday, if he wanted to do so. He parents with more patience and attention than I. He's just remarkable.
The thing is, I'm not jealous about this. If anything, I love him more for it. I can do what I can do. Not so with Dennis. He can do whatever he wants to do. It's neat to know someone with infinite possibilities -- even neater to be married to and loved by them. If left solely to my own devices, I never would have chosen to be this man's partner for the rest of our lives. He's so much better than me and I've never really appreciated a challenge! But, thankfully, God is much bigger than this girl's imagination.
And so here we are -- me nodding, him figuring out calculus in his head. And I love it.


Anonymous said...

Golly gee.... finally news of the new Katdbuson R2D2C3PO model!
And yes, you are a lucky Mrs. Stew.

Crystal said...


Hey my dh works with wood too; he is an architectural millwork engineer!


Dawn C said...

What?! Don't you all have a R2D2C3P0 in the garage? We bought ours off ebay. :) April, I just rolled (!!) when I read that. Thank you