12 August 2006

Blessed restoration

Doesn't my title sound like some sort of early 18th century hymn?
Actually it refers to the fact that FINALLY in week 13 some of my energy/ interest in anything other than lounging about is returning to me!
I think I've been helped considerably by the weather which is GORGEOUS!! It has just enough foretaste of autumn to be truly, tantalizingly invigorating in some basic ways.
Today I actually thought about making dinner, but not in the oh-my-Lord-why-do-we-have-to-eat-daily? sort of way I've been thinking about it the last 3 months, but instead in the I-think-I'll-make-dinner sort of way! And sitting out on our deck this evening, I realized that we need to do some work out there so that we can enjoy this late summer/ early fall outside in fresh air as opposed to on the couch as per the last 12 weeks. So Dennis and I have made plans to actually do a little physical labor as opposed to just him doing the physical labor as I recline on the aforementioned couch.
Thank GOD for this restoration, no matter how brief!! I was beginning to think slugdom was going to be a semi-permanent way of life. Glad to see that's not the case!


Anonymous said...

And what a small, small picture of how we will feel as we experience as we exit our earthly bodies and dress in our heavenly ones, huh? Give praise unto the Lord!!! :)

~Dawn C

Anonymous said...

Hey April, and from re-reading my comment, I can see that my body will greatly look forward to a NEW BRAIN - one that can write and talk to the kids at the same time. 8?

Shana said...

I run a website, Babes in Blogland, that lists ttc, expecting, and new-parent bloggers to help us all find one another. I've added your site to the blogroll. If you need me to correct any information or if you would like for me to remove the link, please let me know.

Thank you and congratulations.