23 June 2008

Sticky morning

Daniel was sleeping in late this morning, so Annalivia and I made pancakes. I let her dump all the things in the bowl and then stir up the mix. I would occasionally take the whisk from her and she would say, "Go nice and slow, Mommy, like me." And then, "No, that's too fast. Do it exactly like I do it."

We had blueberries to use and the pancakes were buckwheat. The combo was... not delicious. I think the blueberries weren't the greatest anyway, because everything tasted a little too grassy for me. Annalivia's verdict -- "I don't like blueberries. I like butter!!"

About ten minutes after she had gotten down from the table, she came out into the living room with her mouth full of pancake telling me that she liked MY pancakes. And the syrup on them. I didn't associate that I hadn't actually put syrup on my pancakes and that my plate was already washed and draining. So I wasn't alarmed until she came back to tell me she had spilled syrup on the counter. Suddenly, I realized what had happened. She had dumped the ENTIRE bottle of lovely, expensive Grade B Trader Joe's maple syrup onto the plate of extra pancakes that I had hoped would be breakfast for the next few days! It was a mess, not to mention that the syrup was gone and the pancakes were ruined. I will confess, I did not respond gracefully.

But after a very gentle smackdown by someone far wiser than I, I have realized that it was funny in its own right. And I wish I would have grabbed the camera and laughed a little instead of getting all ticked off.

I guess I've got a lot to learn when it comes to handling sticky situations.


Donna Boucher said...

Oh! messes are hard for me.
That's what did me in yesterday.
My oldest daughter's room was so terrible and messy and she didn't clean up a spot of cat puke before she left for the day.

And well. I was so mad at her and I couldn't make her come home and fix it.

So poor Katie had to be around my crankybutt all day.

So being wiser... I don't know about that.
Just willing to relate my story and encourage everyone else to do better :o)

-M said...

oh MAN! I melted over having to move some HUGE foam pads for Rhys today...geesh...our lesser moments. BUT your cause was VASTLY more justified...and still impossible to convey to a small child. Yikes. Maybe we all need naps.

Andrea said...

Where are those hair pictures!!!!

April said...

Andrea... I went for my appointment today and they said I had the time wrong! My person had left already. I was so sad, I almost cried. :(

My new appointment isn't until NEXT Wednesday. I guess wild dog hair will have to live on a bit longer!

Andrea said...


I hate when things like that happen. I know exactly how you feel and I would have wanted to cry too. Beautiful flowers by the way!