02 June 2008

Desperate temps call for desperate measures

We've not really had desperate temps, but today it got up to 86 degrees here and we were all a little hot. So, we made ice cream.

I made the custard yesterday -- a little bit of very dark chocolate, agave nectar, cream, milk, vanilla and eggs. So simple.

We got it out of the fridge this afternoon and poured it in the frozen bowl and let the KitchenAid mixer do its magic. Have I mentioned here how much I adore my KitchenAid? Mom got it for me and I love, love, love it!!

About 25 minutes later, we turned it off and sampled.

With fresh milk from the dairy, we get SO much cream! We can have a quart and a half of homemade deliciousness every week, if we want. Next week's version may have to be made with fresh strawberries from my brother in law's garden! Mmmmmm.


Andrea said...

Yummy! Don't be getting negative about the weather.. I've been longing for the 80's for way to long. =)

April said...

I know, Andrea! I am a shameless Illinoisan -- complaining about cold since October and now fretting about heat and humidity!

It WAS humid though, wasn't it? The late afternoon was gorgeous, but around noon -- whew! :)

Andrea said...

We needed a breeze I will admit! =)