22 June 2008

7 months of bad hair is enough

The last time I had my hair professionally cut was on Dec. 1, 2007. I got it cut and I wasn't really happy with it and decided that I was just not going to pay for an icky haircut for the next year.

I made it to last week, when I decided my own haircutting technique (i.e. grab a clump and saw at it with thinning shears) had run its course. I have terrible hair right now. Long haired dogs that have lived on their own in the wild, foraging for squirrels in thickets full of burrs and sticker bushes have looked better. Really.

So, I caved. And I made an appointment at one of the hipper salons in our very non-hip town, asking them for their soonest appointment. I have had to wait until this Tuesday when I will emerge with a new hairdo, hopefully.

I'm excited. I'm not sure what has possessed me to go this long feeling hair-frumpy, but I've learned a lesson -- regardless of the money this experiment has saved, it's really not worth it.


Steph and Randy said...

hahahahahahahaha. I have the same hairdo that I had in 1991. Perms have always been so easy for me. They poof my hair, and it requires very little maintenance in the mornings. You crack me up.

Andrea said...

You better post pictures, I posted mine! =)

Oh and let us all know how going to a hip place is... I haven't been to a hip salon since .. well my wedding and before that it was right when Kurt and i started dating. I stick to cost cutters - the same girl! =)

April said...

Whatever, Steph. Your hair has changed -- it's grown out a little! :)

I always go to Cost Cutter in your town, too, Andrea! And I've loved my person, but I always seem to get the same cut regardless of what I ask for, so I'm trying something new. We'll see how it goes.