03 June 2008

Grumpy girl

Dennis is on a business trip, Daniel is still going through far too many diapers (and pijamas...and sheets for his crib...and sheets for our bed), Annalivia has been helpful in all the wrong ways today, the house is a mess, we have a visitor coming tomorrow, a secretary leaving for the weekend, a good dose of uncertainty around here, and I am very, very, very grumpy.
How in the world do those of you with husbands who are gone consistently keep from becoming a resentful, brooding, walking ball of irritation?
Oh, yeah.... there is prayer...

1 comment:

musicmommy3 said...

Yeah, pretty much prayer...and friends supporting you while listening and then pointing you to prayer. :)

Think of how resentful and grumpy I used to be while MIchael WORKED AT HOME and we STILL hardly ever saw him. No kidding...MAYBE an hour a night and a few hours on Sunday. :)