04 June 2008

I have screwed up

I have really messed up a situation at church and am having to beg forgiveness from a family I truly love. They have made mistakes, too, but my mistakes are greater.
I don't know whether I can make the situation better and I just don't know how to convey my complete contrition to them. The relationship is hurt. Very hurt.
And the situation is leading me to do some serious praying, thinking, and pondering about the future and ministry.
The answer so far is not easy...


Jim and Amy Rennie said...

Praying for you, my friend. I know that God can do all things, and through Him this can be made right. Love really does conquer all things, even when it isn't easy.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear April,

What a joy to hear from you and then to explore the wonderful pictures of all the family in your blog! I look forward to this reconnection.

My friend, I pray that you are able to offer your deepest apology, to do what you can do to mend the relationship and then trust God's healing, reconciling Spirit. Pray. Allow time. Do not make rash decisions about future and ministry. I can't know the details of your situation. But I do know that in my now 26 years of ministry, there have been moments when I thought I had erred in such a way that I could not go on. God's vision and hope is sustaining. You already know that in your life!!!!!

more cows than people said...


may reconciliation be gifted by grace.

April said...

Thanks, friends. I appreciate your prayers and your wisdom.

Donna Boucher said...

Oh April.
My heart aches for you.

I will pray.