10 May 2007

My little boogie woogie bugle girl

So Annalivia's new favorite music is the Andrews Sisters. I think one reason she likes it is that she can climb up on the chair and push play on the cd player. The other reason is because it's pretty peppy and she can bob around to it. She was singing along with The Woodpecker Song today -- she sings about every 10th word, but on pitch. I love listening to her.
I'm so just glad she didn't get enamored with the Laurie Berkner band or some of the other children's music she has received. 1940's pop music is good. Now I just have to keep Dennis with his old KISS albums away from her. Of course, if she knows all the words to Roll Out the Barrel, that might not be so great either.


Jim and Amy Rennie said...

She is so sweet . . .love the Krogering pic too. I can't believe Daniel is SO big already!

revabi said...

What you don't like Laura or Wiggles or Raffi or any of the other wierd wild nonsensical music of the kids bands? I have had to live through those. I tell you Live through them.
Thank God we never made one of their concerts.