16 May 2007

He's home!!

Dennis has gotten home from a business trip to North Dakota! He has been gone since the wee hours of Monday and he originally expected to get home in the wee hours of this evening. But he got home early.
It's been an ok three days without him, but let me tell you -- I would not want to do this any more frequently than I absolutely must! Annalivia really missed him. Everytime someone called, she thought it was him. When he got home, she just laid on him for about a half hour.
He came home bearing good news -- he managed to eek two A's out of his MBA classes this semester! That's pretty amazing.
We're having a special dinner to celebrate it all -- Bruschetta stuffed Chicken Breasts with Zucchini and Carrots, Baked Potatoes and Chocolate Cake for desert. We're going to all look at each other for a while and be glad to be in each other's presence.
Wow. I'm glad he's home.

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amalee issa said...

Congratulations and well done.