22 May 2007

Help from Holly

Last year near this time, I was getting more and more into holistic wellness. We were eating well, actually getting some exercise and I was feeling better than I had for a long time. Then I got pregnant and we ordered pizza.
Now I'm feeling like I need this focus in my life again. Holly is one of those people who seems to me to have it all together in this regard partly because she readily admits that she doesn't. I asked her about seeking health and she has written here and here. (I'll add more references as she continues this series.)
Check it out if you need some basic info or encouragement, too. She also has some great links and some helpful stuff in the comments. Hurrah for Holly!!!

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more cows than people said...

oh april, you rock, you do such a good job of connecting us to helpful folks, of finding wise people and sharing their wisdom. this link was perfectly timed for me. blessings on your journey to wellness!