23 May 2007

Grumpy momma

It's one of those mornings. Annalivia woke up very early. Way too early. And was mad/ sad/ inconsolable/ frustrated, etc. Daniel was fussy at the same time so I was feeding him while Annalivia found her milk sippy cup and stood in the door of the bedroom yelling, "Milk NOW!" I was responding very kindly to her -- giving her other options of what to do while I fed Daniel, so she began whining/ fussing. Then Daniel spit up all over himself and me and our nice sheets. And Annalivia threw the sippy cup on the floor. And Mommy got ticked.
I need to readjust my attitude. And fast. A couple more hours sleep wouldn't hurt either.


~liz said...

ugh. this happens way too often than not. i am saying a prayer for strength and grace for you today. and that the day will begin to improve (and you'll get a nice nap!)

Amy said...

Read Operating Instructions by Anne Lamott. You'll feel like a much better parent. Or at least like you aren't the only one feeling tired and pissy.

Cause you aren't.

This is all normal. And it will pass. Soon they'll both be able to out talk and out wit you. :)