23 June 2006

Timeless lessons I've learned in the last 24 hours

I won't mention how I know these things...
1. Be careful when using the phrase, "Just let me know what I can do," when speaking to a frantic and harried CWF (Christian Women's Fellowship) chairperson coordinating a funeral dinner for 100.
2. Do not be surprised when said chairperson calls back to ask if ye can make potato salad for 100 people.
3. When married to an engineer, it may be best to ask him to slice fresh baked bread, lest ye end up with tapered slices that barely hold together on one end and are overly thick on the other.
4. When married to a husband who professes to be proficient at boiling eggs, allow said proficiency to be demonstrated rather than randomly deciding that said eggs have "probably boiled long enough", lest ye end up with soft-boiled eggs for aforementioned potato salad.
5. When attempting to make potato salad, bread, and pancakes at the same time, try focusing on one recipe at a time, lest ye end up with three times the amount of baking soda in said pancakes and one less egg than said pancakes require, thus requiring the flushing of said pancakes down the garbage disposal.


Steve C. said...

That sounds like the April I know!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, sounds like it's been a productive 24, though. :)

Dawn C

Anonymous said...

To say one does not have the capacity to learn, would be an understatement. Furthermore, at least ye didn't have to make deviled eggs for a hundred.

James E.

Anonymous said...

Might I also add, that is was most hilarious.

Holly said...

Hey! I have had a blast visiting your blog! What a gorgeous family you have!

I am making inroads with the NT stuff, too...sounds like you are doing well!